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Focallure Nigeria

Complete body Snatch bodysuit

Complete body Snatch bodysuit

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1. The waist, abdomen, and back are made of materials, and the waist, abdomen, and back are targeted for precise and slimming;
2. The fabric of the I-shaped area is made of comfortable elastic fabric, which is suitable for all kinds of sports without limitation;
3. The fabric adopts new weaving technology, surface layer + coating + bottom layer so that the material is hidden in the fabric,
4. It will not directly stick to the skin, and it will be lighter, dry, and comfortable when worn, and bid farewell to the sticky feeling;
5. The chest is a detachable cup and built-in chest elastic, the chest is supportive and shockproof, with no need to wear cups;
6. The legs and buttocks are made of high-elastic and comfortable fabric, which is more comfortable to wear and free to move;
7. There are pockets on both sides, which can conveniently store mobile phones, keys, bank cards, and other personal belongings

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